Treating a Burn with a Lit Match

Marketers may soon experience a change in their targeting strategy following a tough online policy. “Europe is considering a sweeping new law that would force Internet companies like and Facebook to obtain explicit consent from consumers about the use of their personal data, delete that data forever at the consumer’s request and face fines for failing to comply.” This excerpt was taken from the New York Times article:

Europe Weighs Tough Law on Online Privacy

This article that explains  a new radical business law that may soon be sweeping Europe and that anyone within the marketing, business, or advertising fields would be interested in reading. While the policy is set to protect the rights citizens (treating the burn), it creates a need for marketing agencies to find new means of obtaining customer related information and fast, as well as basic businesses whom collect information for their customer data bases as they both would have regulations as to their collection process (the lit match). If approved, such a strong and quick upheaval of the entire market’s online-global customer strategy will be an historical alteration.

This proposal will answer the many of the gray area questions of our online community era:

  • “Who owns personal data?”
  • “What happens to it once it is posted online?”
  • “What the proper balance is between guarding privacy and leveraging that data to aim commercial or political advertising at ordinary people?

On a personal level, as a student in the marketing industry, this law will drastically affect the strategies I am learning today versus the strategies I will be allowed to use tomorrow. Anyone within this field should definitely be keeping an eye on this proposal, I know I will.


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