Will you market me?

After watching Dan Cobley’s TEDX talk from Oct. 29, 2013, “What physics taught me about marketing” I was intrigued.

Watch Dan Cobley’s TEDX talk HERE!

So if marketing is a lot like physics, then what else do people find that resembles marketing?? As most curiosities end up, I found myself in Google: “marketing is like…”

Marketing is like...aisha7ayati

I was surprised that Dan Cobley’s physics was no where on the list, especially since I had seen him pop-up on several of my social media timelines. Humorously it was interactions with the opposite sex that found it’s way to the top of the list (hindsight 20/20 I guess).

Marketing is like dating.

Marketing Dating Do's Aisha7ayatiThese lists varied. Some talked about the overall process of dating, stages of love if you will.

According to Fathom, there are 6 stages:

  1. Research
  2. Relationship
  3. Decide
  4. Buy
  5. Support/Maintain
  6. Replace

Many others took their perspectives according to self marketing, using points like:

  1. Knowing what you want (aka YOUR TYPE)
  2. Know what your audience likes (aka LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT AFFECT)
  3. Appearances matter (aka DRESS TO IMPRESS)
  4. Authenticity (aka BE YOURSELF)
  5. Communication is key (aka IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU)
  6. Research again and adjust (aka R.E.S.P.E.C.T.)
  7. Long-term goals (aka WILL YOU MARRY ME?)

Marketing Dating Don'ts Aisha7ayati

Quickbooks put in the extra step of the DON’TS of social media marketing. I had to admit it was refreshing to see the other side of the marketing love life. While I feel like their list could have been much longer… especially since so many people need to be educated in what not to do when it comes to dating anyways!

However, that’s a bit off topic.

So what did they say NOT to do when it came to social media marketing? Well, don’t…

  1. Misrepresent yourself
  2. Get stuck in a rut
  3. Drag excess baggage on dates
  4. Be a critic
  5. Look at being single as a bad thing

Basically, the don’t’s referred to your online attitude; I totally agree!!! Have you ever seen those companies online that take themselves too seriously, too informative, too commercial?

Social media marketing has transformed the world of advertisement, so for those of you thinking that traditional marketing relationships (online/offline dating) will work the same for social media… NO. No. No. No. NO!

social media marketing dating aisha7ayati

If marketing is like dating, then social media marketing is dating on Tinder, Match.com, and speed dating combined!

Speed dating marketing aisha7ayatiConsumers are constantly flooded with potential suitors; the good, the bad, and the OH GOD NO. Even those your grandmother embarrassingly tags you in, “He looks perfect for my sweetie-pie!” or your match-making aunt private messages you, “How about this one… don’t miss your chance. The deal ends soon!”

Basically, while physics has taught us a lot about marketing, it seems that our love lives are the most relatable…according to Google anyways.

Let me know what you think!

Dish about:

  • your ex’s (companies that disappointed you);
  • your first love (a company you remember fondly but no longer see);
  • casually seeing (companies you’ve seen around and want to see more of);
  • and finally, your husbands/wives (a company you’re a loyal customer to)!

What did they do? What did they not do? What do you wish they would or could have done?!





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