About Me

Let Me Introduce MyselfThe briefest and simplest way I can explain my current self is that I am a 21 year-old Syrian/American female who has moved to Lebanon in pursuit of her education. This last detail,”in pursuit of education” in Lebanon, is often a subject of confusion to people I encounter. I am constantly asked: “Why would you move to Lebanon rather than stay in America to pursue your education?” And to this I always answer the same: “Long story.”

So to all those who may wonder, my name is Aisha.
“Aisha” (in Arabic) literally means “living” and “7ayati” means “my life”
“Aisha 7ayati” = “living my life”

So perhaps I created this blog to answer all those questions people seem to ponder about how I live my life…

The above is me. Well, me three years ago…in the mean time I’ve finished my “pursuit of education” in Lebanon, moved on to achieve an MA in International Law from SOAS, University of London, London, moved back to Lebanon, travel the world and have general growing pains.

So a lot!


And in this “a lot”, I am a lot of the same and a lot of different and a lot still figuring out. Confused? Good that makes two of us. I guess that’s the point of Aisha7ayati…figuring this life thing out.



8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. your smile is another rose
    Syrians should face dictatorship by beauty, dectators hate the prettiness. 🙂

  2. Hey, it’s Jen. You never email me at all >: I miss you lots you know. How are you doing? More than awesome seems to be the answer atm. Makes me wonder if I’m even reaching you with these messages lol. Who knows, may be I’d get to see you again someday ow o; CAN’T BLAME ME FOR TRYING D8<

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